Types of Women's Shoes

Women are fortunate to have a wide variety of shoe styles to choose from.
Women have a huge variety of shoe styles to choose from, for everything from the most casual wear to the most formal occasions.
  • High heeled shoes are generally considered to be shoes with heels 2 inches or higher. High heels elongate and re-shape the calf muscles to create a look that has strong sex appeal to many men.
  • Low heeled shoes are those with heels lower than 2 inches. Low heeled shoes are often preferred by women who are on their feet a good deal of the time, as they are generally more comfortable than wearing high heels.
  • Pumps are dress or office shoes with low to medium heels.
  • Mules are shoes or slippers with no back around the heel.
  • Slingbacks are held on only by a strap around the back of the heel, with no upper strap over the top of the foot.
  • Espadrilles are casual yet fashionable sandals, either flat or with low heels, and usually made of a cottton or canvas upper.
  • Platform shoes have very thick soles and heels.
  • Moccasins are a soft shoe, usually made of leather, with no heel.
  • Sandals are essentially soles with straps for the uppers, leaving most of the foot uncovered. Flip-flops are a very common type of sandal.
  • Boots have uppers that cover the leg at least up past the ankle, and often all the way to the knee or even higher. Boots are more popular in cold-weather climates, for protection against cold air, ice and snow. Boots are available in many styles for a variety of special purposes, including dress boots, snow boots, hiking boots, and work boots.
  • Athletic shoes include sneakers, running shoes, tennis shoes, and other shoes specifically designed for specific purposes. Some very specialized shoes include climbing shoes, designed to help the foot grip protruding rocks, golf shoes with spikes, for better traction in grass, and cycling shoes with special cleats to help grip a bicycle pedal.
  • Dance shoes are very specialized type of shoe, with specific styles designed for different types of dancing. Ballet shoes and pointe shoes are made specially for ballet dancing, while jazz dancers would wear jazz shoes and tango dancers would wear tango shoes. Tap shoes have metal plates mounted on the underside of the toe and heel to produce the distinctive tap dancing sound.

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