Buying Used Shoes Privately

There are a couple of different ways that you can buy used women's shoes, or any other item, on eBay anonymously.

The easiest way is to buy from a buyer that has listed the item as a "Private Auction." This means that the buyer's User ID will not appear in the listing or in the listing's bid history, and the item information will not appear in the buyer's bidding history or feedback. The transaction will still appear in the buyer's buying history and feedback, though, just without the item information. For your convenience, we have a page that shows you the private listings of used women's shoes on eBay.

If you prefer complete anonymity, you can create an additional User ID on eBay that you use only for your personal and private transactions. It is completely within eBay's rules for you to create 2, 3, 4 or more User IDs on eBay, as long as you don't engage in any fraudulent behavior (such as using one ID to bid on items being auctioned by another ID). You can link more than one eBay User ID to your PayPal account, and you can still purchase items on eBay using your regular User ID. You will need another e-mail address -- you can't use the same one that you use for your regular eBay User ID. You can easily get a free web-based e-mail account from Google at Gmail.

An advantage of having two eBay User IDs is, if you have family members or significant others who know your regular eBay User ID, or perhaps who share your regular eBay User ID, you can continue to use that ID for your routine day-to-day eBay purchases. As long as you log out from your "secret" ID when you're done shopping, and don't save your password in your browser, no one will ever know about your second ID!

To register for another User ID at eBay, just go to the eBay User Registration Page and register with your secondary email address just as if you were a new user.

Once you're registered and logged into your new eBay account, be sure to link your PayPal account to your new eBay ID. Go to My eBay (the link is the upper right corner of every eBay page), then click the gray Account tab, then under the section titled "Your PayPal Account Information," click the button "Link My PayPal Account" and follow the instructions.
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